Emily Taylor

Emily Taylor


About Me

As an Emerging Companies & Growth Practice Partner, I have the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs who are shaping the world around us — from bioengineering to couture furnishings.

I spend most of my time helping startups and their investors build companies. What I love about my job is that entrepreneurs bring me into their team and look to me for more than just legal analysis. My fascination with startups began as an undergrad when I entered Yale’s first business plan competition, the Y2k. Now I focus on helping companies get off the ground and then navigate fundraising, strategic collaborations, M&A transactions, IPOs, and all the things that happen in between. I advise clients across a number of different industries, including tech, life sciences, and retail.

I am always happy to have a cup of coffee and talk about a new business or about new issues a business is facing. Even better if you are willing to discuss over a run instead. 

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