Scott Craig

Scott Craig


About Me

I advise emerging and high-growth companies from incorporation through exit in a variety of industries, including software, e-commerce, digital health, life sciences, and consumer packaged goods.

I also represent the venture capital and private equity funds that invest in those companies. Prior to law school, I worked as a management consultant for Manhattan Associates, Inc., a supply-chain and warehouse-management consulting and software company, where I was able to learn and hone my client service skills. Those days as a consultant have helped me establish relationships that go beyond being simply transactional, and I strive to be a friend and an advisor to our clients in a way that hopefully transcends the lawyer-client relationship.  My recent clients have included, ICON, Everly Health, and Pattern Biosciences.

 Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time with family, traveling to the Rockies, and cheering on the Duke Blue Devils and Texas Longhorns. 



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