Michael Podolny

Michael Podolny


About Me

I help entrepreneurs and startups grow, expand, and tackle unique challenges throughout all stages of their growth.

 I’ve had the fortune of turning my life’s passion into a career — to help high-growth, transformative companies as well as the investors that fuel them, reach their business goals. As an emerging companies and growth partner based in Silicon Valley, I spend my days counseling my clients through complex legal and business problems and am often the first phone call for a founder, executive or an investor when a new challenge or an exciting idea arises.

 I take pride in being approachable, dedicated, and forthcoming with my clients. I am also known to make the occasional joke here and there. My recent clients have included Discord, Canva, Grammarly, and Joby Aviation.

Outside of the office, I spend time mastering a variety of musical instruments, some of which have made an appearance in my Zoom background, reminiscing about my has-been tennis career, and coming up with excuses to try every new tech gadget I can find. I am a fan of the Golden State Warriors and also occasionally cheer for a certain hockey team from my hometown in Canada that is best kept unnamed.

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