Parag Patel

Parag Patel


About Me

I advise financial services companies, financial institutions, and fintechs on transactional and regulatory matters, with a particular focus on emerging payments, innovative technology, consumer and small-business lending, and banking.

I guide banks, non-bank lenders, payments and technology companies, and their vendors on regulatory compliance, supervision, money transmission, lending, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering, and transactional matters.

I leverage deep knowledge to help major financial institutions and fintech startups navigate global payment and financial services regulations. I have broad experience with all major federal and state laws that regulate payments and consumer and small-business lending in the US.

I strategize innovative and practical solutions to clients’ complex regulatory and transactional issues that arise when revolutionary technologies integrate with heavily regulated financial activities. I regularly advise clients on blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies, smart contracts, using “big data” in decisioning systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and integrating mobile and wearable devices into financial services.

I have an extensive background in the regulation of money transmitters and other types of money service businesses (MSBs) and have helped dozens of fintech startups navigate these rules at various stages of their business evolution.

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