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This resource allows a startup to generate the basic incorporation and founder documents, including a signature packet, in just a few minutes by answering questions on a web based questionnaire. See the LathamDrive Insights section for helpful Latham Perspective pieces about incorporation.


  • Charter
  • Bylaws
  • Action of Sole Incorporator
  • Action of Directors in Lieu of a Meeting
  • Founder Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement
  • Founder Proprietary Information and Invention Assignment Agreement
  • 83(b) election
  • Company/Founder Signature Packet.

 Please note that these forms are for the incorporation of a Delaware corporation.

 In addition, the provisions in these forms represent what are considered standard terms for a startup that intends to seek venture capital financing down the road.

 If a startup does not wish to form a Delaware corporation or is looking for nonstandard terms, the documents produced by the Document Generator should not be used and the startup should consult with its legal advisor.

The Document Generator  includes instructions and guidance notes designed to answer many questions that startups may have as they start the incorporation process.

Please be sure to review the Answers by Questionnaire document created at completion of the  Document Generator to make sure all the answers inserted are correct.

Feel free to reach out to a member of the LathamDrive team with any questions.

Best of luck on the new venture!

-The LathamDrive Team

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